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The venous system and exercise Sistemul venos şi exerciţiul fizic. Venous stasis disease, Vol. The veins have many special functions: transport, blood reservoir, circulatory homeostasis.

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The factors controlling venous return are the central heart pump, the pressure at the end of the capillaries, the right atrial pressure, the peripheral venous tone, the peripheral muscle pump of the leg, the respiratory pump, the gravity, the competent venous valves. Venous return from the venous stasis disease extremity is achieved by expulsion of the blood by the lower extremity muscle pump and valve function that divides the hydrostatic column of blood into segments and prevents retrograde venous flow.

During exercise, the central venous pressure may rise slightly due to this effect.

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Once exercise ends, venous pressure begins to rise once more. When the muscle pump is less active, as in a bedridden subject or during long periods of standing orthostatic postureblood tends to accumulate in the veins, causing an increase in the peripheral venous pressure and a fall in the central venous pressure, with a reduced venous return to the heart and diminished cardiac output.

The muscular pump is a true pump that results from the mechanical action produced by rhythmical muscular contractions.

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In exercise, an efficient calf muscle pump may compensate for some degree of reflux and obstruction and prevent the chronic venous insufficiency. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use.

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